Nathan Ford Design


Hey, I'm Nathan. 

I ‘colour in for a living’ is the tongue-in-cheek answer I usually give when asked. The ‘what’ being coloured has changed over the years. The ‘how’ it gets coloured in is very much dependent on understanding the ‘why’ it needs to be coloured in. Staying inside or moving outside the lines isn’t important. As long as the solution is centred around the users needs, that’s all that matters.

To be a little less ambiguous, I am a designer with experience driving user-centred designs from problem to solution.

I have had the pleasure to work with fantastically passionate people in a number of industries ranging from fashion (Russh, culture, Miss Vogue), academic (ANU, UQ, UWS), food (Donna Hay, Good Food Guide) and corporate (Fitness First, Hoyts, Val Morgan, Telstra, NRMA). Variety really is great at keeping you on your toes.

Lots of jobs at the same time? Not a problem. Being part of the link between design, sales, devs and clients? Not a problem. Finding time to have a beer and a laugh? Not a problem.

10 bucks I can beat you at table tennis or talk about an old injury that obviously flared up during the match for you to get the better of me. Only one way to find out, say hello...