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VMO outdoor weather update

The icons were initially built in Illustrator. From there I imported them into After Effects to animate. As they were going to be displayed on small 40 inch screens, all the way up 80 inch screens, I didn't want to use animated gifs. The icons also animated over different coloured backgrounds, so the lack of antialiasing would not have looked good. I exported the icons out of After Effects as SVG animations and HTML so they were scalable. redesign

With changes to the magazine having occurred over the last few issues, changes to the site needed to be made to reflect the cleaner, more feminine, a little more refined, new look. The design also looekd to reduce the amount of articles that needed to be uploaded daily to show a updated, fresh homepage.

andrew sutton copywriter

Absolutely no images. None. With a background in chemistry and formal training in journalism, Andrew wanted his blog to focus on the words. Original design lent a little more on a classic newspaper broadsheet. Things were pushed... or pulled a little bit and simplified even more. Just words.

project active

I interviewed and worked with industry experts and leading PT's to develop a initial proof of concept for internal stakeholders. With a short lead time, things quickly progressed from initial sketches to a fully functioning wireframe prototype built in Sketch and Principle. 

IAG handbook