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Digital Publishing

Working with multiple publishers across a number of industries including fashion, hospitality, education, technology and finance, we launched over a dozen digital publications on both iOS and Android platforms for phone and tablets.  

russh magazine

Working with the guys at Russh magazine, each issue looked to push brand recognition and engagement with the reader across iPad. From extra content, behind-the-scenes video from photo shoots, interactive galleries, shop-the-look functionality and being able to download music featured within each issue... Russh magazine for iPad featured at the top of Apple Newsstand from its very first issue... with each following issue taking readers feedback into consideration to deliver the very best experience possible.

While there were instructions for interactions, the navigation and UI was designed to be more of a explore and discover. Typical design cues, like hinted extra content below 'the fold' led the user to swipe. Slow transitions between images or videos also tempted the reader to pause a little longer... just in case. Each 'article' was treated differently but consistent design patterns were used for a sense of familiarity and cohesion.


Coinciding with the first issue of Miss Vogue Australia hitting newsstands around the country, Miss Vogue App landed on the Apple Newsstand at the same time. The work that was put into the app was backed up with a win of the annual Apple Newsstand Awards.  

The iPad issue had lots of extra content that wasn't in the printed version. Driving readers to download the issue. Users were able to shop the shoot or listen and subscribe to artist from inside the app. 


These guys have been around a while. We launched the iPad magazine to coincide with 100 years of the printed SA MOTOR magazine. It is Australia's longest running motor magazine.

The iPad issue contained member extras, giveaways, behind the scenes videos and a highly interactive UI that encouraged the reader to explore. The reader was able to access the member incentives from inside the app.