Nathan Ford Design



You know that feeling? All the prep has been done, the script has been approved, the storyboard has a thumbs up, the shot list is ready? You have one take... ACTION!... CUT! All of a sudden you have fat fingers, fumbling over the buttons, trying to hit replay. But it doesn't matter... you know you got the shot. Love that feeling!

My Mazda 3 should tell you how much of a car man I am. So when I heard we were getting a Tesla Model X P100D I was like, cool... back to listening to Boyz 2 Men. Different story all together once I got in it. 0 to giggling school girl in the promised 3.1 seconds. So this was kinda fun. And nooo... I didn't hit the tree (very hard) with the drone.

Alarm clock set at ‘ridiculous o’clock’ to snag sunrise out at Eastern Creek. Throw in a Ford Mustang, a professional driver, a couple GoPros and some less than well thought out shot setups (ground level on the exit of the high speed corner makes for a good shot… also asks for a change of underwear). Voiced and edited by Matt Grech.

Drones, GoPros, slow mo and a dozen or so animals made this shoot one to remember… oh, and 40 degrees added a little extra spice. Shot on location in Terrigal, NSW for Pet Resorts Australia to showcase the incredible facilities on offer. Edited by Matt Grech.

Campaign was run on the Fitness First TVC network to promote American Assassin. The workout was shot to feel like the training Dylan O’Brien went through in the trailer. Hand held, quicker edits, multiple angles.

Send the bald guy to the salon to get shots of people with lots of lushes hair and talk about the steps I couldn't have taken 20 years ago to prevent male pattern balding. Fun, short shoots with Anthony Nader