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Who would read this

Sometimes you just have to write some down to make things make a little more sense…

- thoughts -

Sometimes it better out then in

Not really sure what to say here, but I think when you are a little lost, writing can make sense of things that you are a little unsure about. Everyday... write it down. Get it out. See what happens.

Just start writing...

Between jobs. It's an interesting place to be.

It is by my own doing that I have found my self with a little more spare time on my hands than usual. That may come across as being a bad thing. Yeah sure, there are those days that you sit and think... did i do the right thing? There are also those days that you back yourself 100 percent. During those days, you realise that in your life you will be working upwards of 60 years... what is a few months spending a little more time by yourself than you usually would.

Having a little extra time to think about what it is that I want to be doing next with my 'career' (seems like a very grown up word for something that I just do)... I actually have been thinking about what it is I have been doing with my time... with my life... to get to this point.

'This point' is no way a bad place. But it is a place that I think could have been different if I had not enjoyed the cruisy pace I choose to live my life... and by cruisy I guess I mean lazy at times.

So a little background to my working life so far. I guess it all started cause mum always referred to me as the 'creative one'... and upon writing that, I don't even really know if that is true or something I have been saying for such a long time i believe it. I will have to ask mum next time i see her.

So I did 3 unit art in year 11 and 12. Maybe I didn't apply myself as much as I should have. Ok... 'maybe' should be 'definitely'. The 34 TER score and not getting accepted into a BA of Graphic Design is the exclamation point to that statement. I mean seriously, who gets denied entry to a Bachelor of Arts degree?

Fast forward a year of fun in the Canberra sun and living with my then 85 year old nan (Freda, I hold you responsible for making my hair fall out). I coloured in a few things whilst doing a associate diploma at Metropolitan Business Collage. This proved enough for the powers-to-be at Charles Sturt Uni in Wagga to decide I was worthy to start and finish my BA in Graphic Design.

Fast forward to the end of 3 great years and I was on my way to Sydney. My first job as a qualified graphic designer... 

Nathan Ford